A New Eby and a New House

Back in January, I had my tonsils removed.  After back to back episodes of strep throat, it seemed like the thing to do.  Person after person told me how horrible it would be- two weeks of torture recovering.  Who knew it was so different for adults than for kids?  Peter had his tonsils taken out last summer and he was good to go the next day.   All this talk of pain scared me, but I figured two weeks of agony would be better than continuing on with seemingly endless cases of strep throat.  So I went for it.  Not much more needs to be said, but all the stories were true.  It was ridiculously painful and it took forever to recover.  Needless to say, I had many sleepless nights.  And during those long nights, I got to praying.  The middle of the night is a fabulous time to pray when you have a large family.  It is quiet and still and perfect for talking and listening to God.  Now at that point in time we didn’t have any plans to adopt again.  We weren’t closed to the idea, but we were feeling settled and content with life as it was.  But somewhere in the middle of those long quiet moments with God in the night, He began to put another little one in my heart.  I began to pray for this little one, all the while feeling a bit crazy and wondering if I was just sleep deprived.  I told no one.  They would think I was crazy!  But God was stirring my heart.

A number of months later, in May, I mentioned the idea to Steve.  He wasn’t particularly feeling it, but he was happy to pray about it.  Then God began to work.  Gently and quietly He readied each of our hearts to follow Him into the unknown once again.  However, in June, when our whole family was on board and ready to take action, I began to worry.  This would really push us over the top.  We would need a bigger vehicle.  The minivan would no longer suffice.  Steve would want a passenger van and how embarrassing is that?!  But more than this, I was wondering how I would handle being a bit more smooshed in our house.  I felt selfish even thinking such a thing.  So very many people live in much smaller spaces than us, and God had given us a beautiful home.  But I felt crowded.  We loved our house and never planned on moving.  I had always wanted a house just like the one we had.  But adding another person made me wonder how my sanity would hold up.  I told God that I would love to be able to add as many children to our family as He wanted and not feel limited by the size of our house.  I was feeling a just a tad nervous, but even so, we were ready to follow Him wherever He would lead.

A couple days later I told my mom that we were thinking of adopting again.  She lit up and said that in the days just before, she had been thinking that we should swap houses.  She wasn’t going to tell anyone because she thought it was kind of crazy.  She and my dad had never planned on moving either.   But their house was perfect for us and ours was perfect for them.  So we spent the summer packing and moving both houses and beginning the journey to our new little one.

God has blessed us more than we could ever ask or imagine, and we are humbled.  We have been given a new little Eby to love (even though we don’t know who it is just yet) and on top of that, a new house to spread out in.  We are thankful and super excited too!

Celebrating Nathan’s Gotcha Day in our new house.  Can’t wait to have another Gotcha Day to celebrate!

Bonding with Nathan

Nathan is the cutest little fellow. He really misses his foster grandma and is clinging to Steve. He is slowly letting us get a closer to him. We love our travel group. It seems each family is experiencing some degree of what we are seeing with Nathan. Adopting children who have been in foster care here is fabulous but really rough. I am so thankful Nathan finds comfort with Steve.
Peter has been the biggest trooper ever. He hugs everyone and makes everyone smile. Hannah is keeping us organized and Mary has been busy taking pictures. She thinks she might want to be a photographer when she grows up. Poor Emily has been sick so please pray for her.

Brotherly Love





Sight seeing at the Monkey Park





Gotcha Day with Nathan

We got Nathan yesterday and he cried and cried because he loved his foster mom so much. We got to meet her and she loves him too. he’s very sad and scared and he only likes Steve. Please pray he feel safe with all of us soon. He’s so sweet but a firecracker too. He’s going to fit with us just fine🙂 he’s an EBY for sure!









Jiang Qing Chu!!!!!

86 days. A little over 12 weeks. That is how long we just waited for our RA (referral acceptance). After we were matched with Nathan back in March, we began the unpredictable wait for the infamous “RA”. The RA is China’s acceptance of our match with little Nathan, and it can take anywhere from 1-4 months. When we began the wait in March we were told that people were currently waiting about 5-9 weeks, with the average being 7 weeks. That didn’t seem that bad. We did know that there were the outliers, the families who had to wait a whole 16 weeks, but that surely wouldn’t be us. We were sure that we would fall among the ranks of the “average” families. Never have we so intensely desired to be average.

Once we entered into the average 5-9 week zone, we began to jump a bit every time the phone rang. Could it be “the call”? But 5 weeks was on the early end. So we held ourselves together, knowing that the very average 7 weeks would surely be the time. But 7 weeks came and went and nothing happened. After the 9 week mark passed us by, we had had it. Enough of the waiting! And about that time, we learned that little Nathan had endured a surgery on his cleft lip which had not been successful. We longed to hold him and comfort him and know how he was doing, but there is no hope of any information or update until the arrival of the delayed RA. Ahhhhhh!

So waiting is what we did, and we finally got the call last Friday while we were camping. We never use our phones while we’re camping. But the destination of this camping trip was based solely on the fact that there was good cell coverage and it was close to home. At 8:45 in the morning the phone rang, and it was the news of our RA. If they weren’t already, all of our neighboring campers were wide awake after that phone call. We immediately hopped in the car and drove home to print the RA, sign it, add it to our I800 package, and send it off to Homeland Security in Texas. Then, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted, we went back to camping!

And now, we can tell you all about Nathan! 🙂. Prior to receiving the RA, we are not supposed to share any pictures on our blog, and not too many details either. But now we can share up a storm! So here he is!

Born February 7, 2013 (he shares Mary’s birthday)
Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China



We can’t wait to hold this little guy in our arms!