Musings by Mary- Home

We made it home from China safely.  Elijah pretty much slept the whole plane ride from Hong Kong to LAX.  It was such a big answer to prayer.  We are also so thankful that we all remained healthy for most of the trip.

Our flight from LAX to Sacramento was delayed almost an hour.  We still made it home safely.  We are so thankful to God for that.  Elijah is adjusting to home great.  He is attaching to us all.  He is such a happy and ticklish little boy.  He makes us all so happy.  My grandparents bought him a walker that he loves.  He is cruising all around the house.  God answers every prayer.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us bring Elijah home.


One step closer

These are pictures of the amazing breakfast buffet we have been enjoying. Today was our last breakfast here😧. Off the Hong Kong!!!

The zoo

The safari part was great. It was so much better than any zoo any of us have ever been to. Everything was so fun. They fed the tigers meat on a high up cord. They dangled it above a pool of water. Then the lions would jump and get the meat and fall into the water! It was amazing. The giraffes were close enough to touch. It was a great part of the trip (once we figured out where we were).

Then later this evening we went exploring on our own. These are pics from a Chinese market in an alley… It was so fun to experience the culture of everyday Chinese life.

The mall

The mall was so creepy😳 there were only a couple shops open. All of the owners are already traveling for the new year. Here are pictures of the closed shops.

But the dim sum was good!

Pearl cruise

The cruise was amazing. Our guide ordered pizza for us to eat on it. The views were beautiful. There was even a clown to entertain the boys at the end.  It was a highlight of the trip…

Elijah got tired after a long day.

Just got back from a full morning of touring. Mary has not thrown up again. She is doing great. Her and mom had a fun morning together in the hotel room. Our guide took us to the art museum and then to an island with shops. Here are some pictures.

The day is over and no one else has gotten sick. Thank you, Jesus! Tomorrow Elijah has his medical appointment in the morning. Then we will go on the pearl river cruise in the evening. Please pray for a night with no interruptions. We are all exhausted from a long day and little sleep last night.

Prayers and praises

Please pray. Mary threw up 3 times in the night. We think it is some kind of food bug because she does not have a fever. She had taken some zofran and is sleeping now. Please pray for rest of family not to get sick and for healing for Mary.

It was a big answer to prayer that in our room last night they brought us a porta crib for Elijah. They have always had wood cribs before. Elijah can not bang his head on the porta crib. This is a huge gift from god that we didn’t even ask for.


Landed in Guangzhou. They say the air feels cleaner. The flight went great! They are all checked into the hotel. Now we get to see pictures of Emily and Elijah and Mary being goofy. Enjoy all the pictures! One step closer to home!