How it all Began, by Hannah

One day my sister, Emily, came home from school and said she had some news to tell us.  She said her teacher said there were some orphans in Bulgaria.  They were barely fed and left in cribs all day.  They were almost never picked up.  We saw pictures and they were very thin. One girl was nine and only weighed ten and a half pounds.  We were very touched by the pictures. My mom and my sisters and I wanted to get one.  We asked my dad to think about it.  We all prayed.  My mom and dad talked about it and we decided to get one.  We were dying with excitement!

We very soon realized that the youngest you can get a orphan from Bulgaria is two.  They also have more severe needs.  So we looked into other countries.  My parents met in China on a trip when they were in college.  China is special to them.  Also, we wanted a girl.  China has so many girls, so we thought “perfect.”  We decided our agency should be America World. They are a good agency and have been with China for a long time.  We want a special needs baby, 0-12 months.  Right then and there it begin.


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