The Cookie Sale By Emily

When my teacher told me and my class about the orphans in Bulgaria, I felt mad that people would treat other human beings like they were animals.  I wanted to do something about it.  That was taken care of.  My teacher had planned to do a cookie sale to  raise money.  My class would sell 5”  cookies for a dollar every Friday after school. We did five cookie sales and raised over 1,000 dollars.  We  gave the money to Grace, a lady who is adopting from the orphanage in Bulgaria.  She will take it with her when she goes to Bulgaria to get her daughter.  She will put it to get a baba (a grandma who holds the babies at the orphanage) or formula.  This is her blog that tells about her daughter that she is adopting and about the orphans in Bulgaria.  Our class made signs that told what was for sale.

selling the cookies

our signs

On the day of the sale, some people carried the signs and some people helped sell the cookies.  I helped with both.  It was hard work, but it was fun.  When we were done with the sale, I helped count the money.  It was good practice for my math.  When the second sale came, my friends and me were running all over the place delivering cookies.  I liked running around and helping.  When all the sales were over,  I was sad.  I  still miss running around and screaming!!


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