More of the Backstory, by Hannah

After we found out we were going to adopt we called many people to find out information.  We wanted to adopt from Bulgaria since that’s where we got the idea to adopt.  We wanted a baby girl with a small problem.  But in Bulgaria you can only adopt the children when they are two or older.  Plus, they have more severe needs.  So we looked into other countries.  My parents when to China in college and met there.  China also has many baby girls with small problems.  So we knew we wanted to adopt from China.  Next we had to find an agency.  A friend told us about  His Little Feet.  She said that they told people about the need of orphans.  My mom looked them up and found a link to America World Adoption Agency on their website.  It was the perfect agency and it was especially good with China.  Now we were going.  We had to do loads of paperwork.  This part of the adoption process is called “the paper chase”.  I am in charge of the adoption binder which is chop full of paperwork.

me with all the paperwork

My parents had to have Livescan Fingerprints.  We had to have TB tests and they hurt.  The home study didn’t take us long, which was good.  My parents had dr. appointments, blood tests, and TB tests. We had a passport appointment too.  We notarized lots of things.  We met two other families also adopting from China.  We had a fundraiser  together to raise money.  Our home study was finally approved.  Our Hague approval letter arrived and our Waiting Child application was submitted.  We also sent in our I800A.  We got the first and second part back.  The second part was our fingerprinting appointment.  It is on July sixth.  We are very thankful to God that we had nothing planned on that day and will be able to make it.  That is the whole backstory.  Up next is my sister Emily with the “Join the Journey” event.


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