Our family loves camping!  It is one of our favorite things to do together.  Except for the bears and the bugs, we love pretty much everything about it.  We love setting up camp, roasting everything over the fire (especially s’mores), sleeping in the tent, going on hikes, collecting pine cones and rocks, swimming in lakes and creeks, being dirty and not showering, playing games, and having nothing to do but enjoy being together in the beautiful outdoors.  Here are some pictures of our last camping trip.

The girls collecting firewood from empty campsites.

Hannah and Steve started the campfire with Hannah’s magnifying glass. It took a lot of patience!

Fallen Leaf Lake

Hanging out at the campsite.

Steve swimming in the chilly water!

One of my favorite things about camping is seeing all of the creative things the girls think of to play.

Steve taking his turn at Mary’s “hair-cutting shop”.

I usually buy some things from the dollar store to give out during the trip. These are the binoculars I gave the girls. They didn’t work very well. So they took them apart and made an eye doctor shop with them. They never cease to amaze me!

We love to play games- Skipbo and Rummikub are our favorites!

During our trip there was much talk about how we will fit another person into our already stuffed tent.  But we will make it work, and it will be spectacular!

There’s always room for one more.


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