Moving Right Along!

We are moving into the next stage of the adoption process, and it is very exciting!  For about four months we have been either working on some part of our dossier or waiting for some part of our dossier to be completed.  The dossier is the pile of paperwork that will be sent to China.  I prefer to be working on something, rather than waiting.  But about half  of the four months involved waiting for something or another.  Although at times it didn’t feel like it,  God actually moved us through this paper process very smoothly and quickly.  And we are very thankful.

For almost two months, we waited for the I-800A approval from the Department of Homeland Security.  This was the very last thing we needed to complete our dossier.  Once the dossier is complete, each document in it must be certified by the Secretary of State, authenticated by the Chinese Consulate, and then it can finally be sent to China.  Being that we were so close to done, I was feeling pretty antsy for the I-800A approval to come.

The Saturday before last, it came.  So the following Monday Steve was off!  He made a day of it.  Leaving for Sacramento at 7:00am, he got to the Secretary of State right after they opened and had all 16 documents  certified within about an hour.  He then made a stop to make two complete copies of the certified packet.  Next he was off to the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco.  He spent about 30-40 minutes there turning in the dossier and one of the copies.  They reviewed everything and said he could pick it all up on Thursday.  So home he came, and on Thursday he was back again to pick it up.  As soon as he got home, we double checked everything and sent it to America World, our adoption agency.

Steve, home with all the certified and authenticated documents!

The Secretary of State certification page attached to each document

The authentication seal from the Chinese Consulate, attached to the back of each certification page.

Our dossier completely finished and ready to send off!

Now America World has approved it and today they sent it off to China!  This marks the beginning of the second stage of the adoption process, commonly known as the waiting stage.  I’m clearly going to have some issues with this part of the process.  🙂  For now, I’m feeling super happy and relieved to have all of the paperwork out of my hands and headed to its final destination.  Now we just wait for our referral call.  When America World matches our family with a child, they will call and then email us two pictures of a child and a medical file.  What an exciting day that will be!  I just pray I can be sufficiently patient as we wait for it!


6 thoughts on “Moving Right Along!

  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
    How unbelievably exciting!
    Count us in for 4 tickets (2adults and 2kids) and we will do our best to ’round up the troops and sell more tickets.
    God will provide. How amazing to watch Him work and move in your lives in such a big way. A testimony to His faithfulness and your obedience, for sure.
    We pray He will continue to pour out His favor on you, and that your wait will be short.
    Love to all,
    The Kent Family

  2. Such a huge accomplishment! Can’t wait to be able to let out the same sigh of relief! 🙂 Hopefully, our I800A approval will arrive this week!

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