Come One, Come All!

There’s no need for anyone to cook tomorrow night!  We’re joining with one of the other families who’s adopting a child from China, and we’re having a tri-tip and spaghetti fundraiser dinner tomorrow night.  On the menu is tri-tip, spaghetti, bread, corn, and homemade cupcakes with homemade frosting.  Mmm-mmm!  We are so excited!

The tri-tip, bread, and corn have all been donated.  We are amazed at the way God has worked on behalf of this dinner!  We have sold lots of tickets, our faithful friends have sold lots of tickets, and ticket sales are still going strong today!  Some people have donated money, even though they can’t come to the dinner.  We are super encouraged!  Our family has never done a dinner like this before.  The other family has, and they are amazing!  We’re following their organized lead and it looks like it’s going to be a splendid evening!

Our family is in charge of the drive-through and the decorating.  The girls have made signs to coax people in who are driving by.

Today my mom and I are busy making cupcakes and frosting and putting together the centerpieces for the tables.  Busy, busy!

See you tomorrow!


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