What Happens Now???

Well, now we wait.  After receiving the referral phone call on August 17, we were SOOOO excited!  And there was a flurry of things to do!  We had to get Peter’s file reviewed by several physicians and there was yet another stack of paperwork to complete.  But this stack was so much more fun than all the others before, because we finally knew who we were doing it for!

The first thing we worked on was the EA (electronic acceptance).  This was a letter stating that we were accepting Peter’s referral.  This is submitted to China electronically.  However, we could not send it until we had our LID (log-in date), the date that our dossier was logged into China’s system.  So we prepared the letter and then waited for the LID.  When we received the LID on August 27, we were told that we had actually been logged-in on August 13, but hadn’t received word from China until the 27th.  Oh well!  So we submitted the EA on August 27.

Next up was more waiting.  After the EA is submitted, the wait begins for the RA (referral acceptance), also known as the LOA (letter of acceptance).  So many abbreviations!!!  And most of them have the letter “A” at the end.  The adoption world truly has its own language, and I’m finally getting it down, kind of.  Anyway, the RA is China’s acceptance of our request to adopt Peter, and it’s at that point that we can share pictures of  Peter on the blog.  The countdown for the RA begins the day the EA is submitted.  And it can take anywhere from 30-150 days (1-4 months).  This is the BIG wait.  And I think the hardest wait.  There’s a lot of waiting involved in this whole process.  But now there’s a face at the end of all the waiting and paperwork.  Peter is waiting for us, and we just want to go and get him.  Right now.  But alas, waiting is what we must do.

Not too long after submitting the EA, we received our PA (pre-approval) on September 6.  Another abbreviation with an “A”.  This has no bearing on the wait for the RA.  It’s just China giving their preliminary approval of us.  And after we receive the RA, there will be more waiting still.  But the big wait will be over and the travel plans will then begin!  So, as of today, we have been waiting for the RA for exactly one month.  And while I just want to go and get Peter right now, I do know that God has everything planned out and timed perfectly, and we will go when He knows it is best.

My mom wrote out an old prayer for me by H. F. Lyle.  It has been an encouragement to me each day that we wait.

“In Thee I place my trust,

On Thee I calmly rest;

I know Thee good,

I know Thee just,

And count Thy choice the best.”

In the meantime, we celebrated Peter’s 16 month birthday.

A birthday bowl of cereal decorated by Hannah.

Happy 16 month birthday, Peter!  We can’t wait to meet you!


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