Christmas Preparations!

Our family just loves Fall!  We love it for all the normal Fallish reasons- the air turning crisp, the leaves changing colors, and the smell of pumpkin spice candles.  But we especially love it because it is when we begin getting ready for Christmas.  And we LOVE Christmas!  So every Fall we choose one weekend to begin our preparations.  First we go to Apple Hill for the day.  We pick out gourds, drink apple cider, eat apple donuts, the girls ride the ponies, and sometimes we buy some Christmas gifts.

Then we head to the family cabin.  At the cabin we get right to it!  We spend the next day making the pecan- cinnamon rolls that we will eat on Christmas morning.  I know it seems strange to be making them so early, but it is the best thing!  We make them and wrap them with lots of foil and saran wrap, and then freeze them until Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Eve I get them out and leave them on the counter to defrost.  Then on Christmas Morning, I just heat them in the foil in the oven.  The first year I did this, they were dry and not all that great.  But a couple of years later, I learned the best trick.  I sprinkle them with water before putting them in the oven in foil.  This makes all the difference!  They taste like they were made that morning!  You truly can’t tell the difference!  They’re splendid, and I didn’t have to make them during the busy December season!

Next we wrap all the presents that we have accumulated or made during the year.  At this point, you’re probably thinking we’re completely out of control.  And we are.  Combine our deep love of both planning and celebrating Christmas, and this is what you get.  Christmas rolls and wrapped presents all ready to go on September 30.  Peter will inevitably love Christmas, but I hope he also has an obsessive need to “plan” as the rest of us do!  This year was especially fun, because the girls all had their own presents to wrap.  They even brought some of their own money to Apple Hill for buying gifts.  It was super fun to see the girls thoughtfully deciding what types of gifts they would like to give to the people they love.

It was a splendid weekend!  We’re officially feeling very “Fallish”, and we’re ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Preparations!

  1. Oh Ebys, such crazy people doing Christmas in fall!! Like eating desert before dinner is even on the table. But you probably think that’s a great idea anyhow!

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