Peter’s Rabbit

I love to knit.  And I especially love knitting things for the girls.  Few people truly understand the excitement and joy to be had in a newly handknit item.  But the girls are right there with me.  They themselves love to knit, and they love to peruse patterns, trying to decide what they want me to knit for them next.  They take turns, and most all of the time, I am working on something for one of them (among other things).  I don’t know if  Peter will join us in our enthusiastic appreciation of the handknit.  But if he doesn’t, it won’t be for lack of our trying.  Peter’s first handknit is this rabbit.  After searching and searching for the perfect pattern, I decided on this bunny designed by Susan B. Anderson.  The girls and I love it, and I’m hoping Peter will too.  This bunny is going to China with us for sure, along with the hat Hannah is knitting for him!

Hurray for handknits!


3 thoughts on “Peter’s Rabbit

  1. Hi Sarah! That rabbit is Adorable! I really appreciate your talent and the love that you put into it. It’s been very enriching to follow your blog. You are a wonderful group of people and that little Peter is one lucky child.
    Love to you all,
    Uncle Wayland

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