We Got It!!!!!!!!!!!

After 74 days of waiting, we got our RA (referral acceptance)!!!!!  And we are so excited!  We won’t be travelling just yet, as there are still a number of different approvals we must receive.  But the waits for these last approvals are much shorter and more predictable.  Early February is when we will most likely travel to get Peter.  Even with the trip still a ways off, the RA means everything to us.  In essence, it means Peter belongs to us.  It is China’s official acceptance of our request to adopt Peter.  And that is just the best feeling!

We don’t actually have the RA in our hands yet, but we will.  Late Thursday morning we received the call that our RA had arrived from China at America World (our adoption agency).  They scanned it and emailed us a copy.  Mary took a copy of it to school today for show-and-tell.  The real thing, the coveted RA, is scheduled to arrive at our house on Monday morning at 10:30 a.m..  We’ll be waiting, video cameras ready.  I hope the FedEx deliverer is in a good mood!  We will then sign it, admire it, take pictures of it, and then off it will go back to America World and then back to China.

And, with the arrival of the RA, we can now share our pictures of Peter with you!

The first three were taken when he was nine months old.  These are the pictures we were sent when we first received his referral.

Peter was 15 months old when we received his referral.  So we were able to request updated pictures at that time.  We were told that with our request we would receive two new pictures.  I prayed that Peter would look so cute that the ayis (his caregivers) would get carried away and take more than two.  God answered my prayer and we received four!

We just love our Peter, and love getting to share him with you!


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