The Anticipation

Well, the RA arrived and we are thrilled.  But it didn’t happen the way we expected it to happen.  It was supposed to arrive around 10:30 a.m. on November 12.  So at about 9:00, Emmy started keeping watch.  The girls were out of school for Veteran’s Day, so it was perfect.  We were all here, and we were pumped up!  With Emmy staked out by the window, we were not going to miss the FedEx truck pulling up.  We wanted to soak in every second of the arrival of this most important of papers!  The girls all had their cameras ready.

A little before 10:00, Emmy said, “I think there’s someone at the door.”  We all ran out, and we saw someone walking away.  There was no truck, no doorbell ring, nothing.  Figuring it must be something else, we opened the door to take a look.  And there was our RA tossed on the doormat.  It was our understanding that we would have to sign for the package.  But no.  We walked out and saw that the FedEx truck was parked at our neighbor’s house, completely out of view from our front window where Emmy had been so diligently keeping watch.  And the deliverer must have crossed the lawn, also where no one could possibly see him.  He clearly had no idea what it was that he was delivering and knew nothing of the intense excitement inside the house.  We had waited 74 long days for this very moment, and there was our RA tossed on our doorstep like nothing more than a new phone book.  I tell you!  🙂

But we adjusted our out of control emotions and brought the package inside.  The girls video taped us opening it and took pictures.  I just can’t figure out how to get them on this post!  So here are some pictures of the this all-important document.





With the arrival of the RA, we moved into the last phase of Peter’s adoption- the travel phase!  We signed the RA and sent it back, along with our DS-230 (the application for Peter’s visa), and then we printed out all the travel information and began working through it.  It feels great to be doing something tangible towards bringing Peter home, rather than just waiting!


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