Getting Close!

It’s starting to feel real.  We are actually going to go and get Peter.  It’s really going to happen!  And we are SOOOO excited!  This whole time, it all seemed like a distant dream.  But now it’s getting close, and it’s happening for reals!

Here’s where we are at this point.  We’ve just come through a very confusing series of short waits and approvals having something to do with Peter’s visa.  And now it all comes down to two things…

1.  TRAVEL APPROVAL (TA)  Next Tuesday, December 18, we begin the very last wait for approval!  The LAST one!  This approval comes from China, and it is called the Travel Approval, commonly known as the TA.   It is China saying that we can come and pick up Peter.  It typically takes 2-4 weeks to get the TA, but lately people seem to be waiting only about 2 weeks.  If our wait is only 2 weeks, we will receive our TA on January 1.  Wouldn’t that be splendid?!  Or at the latest, we would get our TA on January 15.  That leads us to the very last thing.

2.  JUMP ON THE AIRPLANE!!!   We don’t actually jump on the plane right away.  But just about. After we get our TA, we travel with the next available travel group.  Our agency, America World, takes a group to China at least once each month.  So we are hoping to travel with the trip that will be scheduled for January.

We CAN’T WAIT to get there!  But in the meantime, we received a spectacular gift.  New pictures of  Peter.


Peter 18 months

Happy 19 month birthday, Peter!  We’re coming!  And soon!


4 thoughts on “Getting Close!

  1. How exciting! He is in for a spectacular life with the Ebys. Welcome sweet little Peter.

  2. Awww those are wonderful pictures! He looks healthy and happy. I’m sure it makes your heart happy to see that. It won’t be long now!

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