TA and Little Owls Update

We got our TA call today!!!!!! Wahooooo!!!!! We are so excited! Our tentative travel date is January 24. It’s tentative because our Consulate appointment in Guangzhou still needs to be confirmed. We will know for sure on Monday morning.

So here’s the Little Owl Project update…

We’ve had a spectacular response! Thank you so much to everyone who is helping out! We are making little animals or dolls (in addition to owls) for the children at Peter’s orphanage. There are 300 children. Please remember that we have to fit all of these cute creations in our suitcases- so smaller is better. Also, please make sure there is nothing that a child could remove and choke on.
As of now, we will need to have the animals in our hands by JANUARY 22. This way, we will have time to get them all packed and ready to go. I will confirm the date on Monday morning after our travel date is set. Please leave a comment or email me for the mailing address.

Thank you to everyone for helping! We can’t wait to see what God has in store!

Here is the owl pattern, as well as some other cute critters.

Knit, sew, and crochet like the wind! There isn’t much time! 🙂


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