As the only guy in a household of four girls I find that sometimes things can be a little intense (for a lack of a better word). Let me give you some examples. Why does someone always have to use the bathroom right when we get in the car to go somewhere? You would think that they would have thought of that before they made the trip to the car. You would think that a movie would get boring after watching it 5 million times. Not my girls. How many words do you think a little girl says in one day? Trust me- it’s a lot!

Where am I going with this? Well let me tell you. I have found that the ups and downs of the adoption process bring out the best and not so best in my girls. Let’s just say the verse, “Be anxious for nothing” is very difficult to follow in our household. Waiting for a referral was hard, but waiting for the Travel Approval has proved be the hardest thing to wait for in the whole process. For days my girls would come home from school and ask, “Did it come yet?” (referring to the TA). When I would respond “No, not yet,” the mood of everyone would change instantly. You would think I just told them their dog died or something. My wife would be high with anticipation every morning in hopes that today would be the day we would get the call. By around noon she would drop to the depths of despair, knowing that it was now too late in the day to get the call. What drama!!

Yet when we did get the call this last Friday, Sarah and I both bursted into tears. It was like a huge weight on our shoulders had been lifted. When we went to the school to tell the kids I think you could have heard their shrieks of joy a mile away.

All my girls wear their emotions on their sleeves, and I would not have it any other way!!! Get ready Peter. Here we come, drama and all!



One thought on “DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!!

  1. I have been “patiently” waiting to FINALLY hear you guys received your TA!!! Sarah said that family friends of yours got their TA two weeks after they got their referral, so everyday I have been checking my email in hopes to see you guys had posted a blog. I am MORE than happy to hear that things are finally moving forward. I wish that I could have seen the joy on the girls faces, when they were given the news. I am sure there is no greater feeling than that. =) I know you guys have been prepared for months now, so the question ” Are you guys ready to go” is just irrelevant!

    I cant begin to describe the amount of happiness I feel, when I watch my brother, his amazing wife, and three wonderful nieces, go through such an incredible, life changing experience. Our mother would be more than proud. It takes a very special family to adopt, and Peter is so incredibly blessed and he doesnt even know it yet. What they have done is so incredibly inspiring and I hope that one day I can have the honor of saving someones life the way they are about to change Peters. They have inspired me to inspire. I hope to see many, MANY pictures and read and hear all about your journey to China, but most importantly, all about Peter! He is truly loved =)

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