Here We Come!

Our Consulate appointment has been confirmed, and we are leaving for China on Thursday, January 24! We received this splendid news in an email at about 6:30 this morning. There was a lot of dancing around and screaming, and as Steve said in his post last night- drama. But who can help it? In just 10 days we will be in the air on our way to China. And just 2 weeks from today, we will be hugging and kissing and loving our sweet Peter in person. We cannot wait!!!

After the exciting TA call on Friday the girls and I got to work on a countdown banner! We got the idea from Ashley Ann. It was a fun project, and now we have a festive visual reminder of the time remaining until we travel. Where would we be without a countdown banner?



So we are for sure going to need any and all little animals, dolls, etc. to be ready to be packed in our suitcases by Jan. 22. I know this leaves very little time, but we are really excited to see all the tiny critters that we will be taking with us on our journey! Thank you to everyone who is busily working on this special project!

We’re on our way now, Peter! Here we come!


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