All That We Need- And More

We are feeling overwhelmed right now by God’s goodness. He has provided everything that we need, and He has used so many different people to do it. We’re amazed and humbled.

When we first set out on the adoption journey, one of the things that was difficult for Steve especially was that we had long-since given away all of our baby and toddler gear. In fact, he wrote a post about it. But over the last number of months, we have seen God provide absolutely everything we could ever need for Peter, one thing at a time. Someone had a crib mattress and sheets, but no crib. And months later, another person gave us a beautiful crib that had no mattress.

Early on, we received a whole collection of Thomas trains and tracks. And just a few weeks ago, a friend asked if we would like a Thomas the Train table, with no trains.

When I was looking at diaper bags, I saw one that would be perfect, especially for our trip. It had everything I was looking for, and I couldn’t find another quite as perfect. But it was really expensive. Steve laughed when I told him about it. And I knew we shouldn’t spend a bunch of money on a diaper bag right now. I felt guilty for even wishing for it. And then. The next day one of our friends showed up at the door with the exact diaper bag I had been looking at. She said it was in the back of her closet and she had barely even used it.

We have also been given a beautiful high chair, stroller, carseat, bed, and then there’s the bedding. I’ve been reading a lot of adoption blogs. I love reading all about different peoples’ adoption journeys. One mom told the story of how her son categorizes babies as either “airplane babies” or “tummy babies”. The mom had told her little boy that they went to China to adopt him and they brought him home on an airplane. The airplane part is what stuck in his head. So he would always ask about various people, “Is that an airplane baby?” Right after reading that story, a friend asked if we would be interested in using their son’s airplane bedding. There are even airplanes that hang from the ceiling.

RIght after Christmas, we were planning a trip to Ikea to buy a dresser for Peter’s room. It was the only thing we didn’t have. Everything else had been given to us. And the day before the Ikea trip, a friend called and said she had a dresser for us to look at. It was perfect, and there was a nightstand too.

On top of all this, we have been given clothes and toys and books, a scooter and bike helmet, and the list goes on. Not to mention that the furniture we received from a number of different families all matches! Not necessary at all, but so nice. God has used all the friends and family around us to provide us with everything we need for Peter. And so, so much more.

And to top it all off, we are going to meet Peter on my birthday. Gotcha Days (the day you receive your child) are almost always on Mondays in China. But we just saw on our itinerary that for whatever reason, our Gotcha Day is going to be on Sunday, January 27! We will get to hug and kiss our Peter a whole day early, and it will be my birthday. What could be better?

God has blessed us on this journey more than we could ever ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20
And we are so thankful to all the people in our life that He used to do it.






20130122-103519.jpgThank you.


One thought on “All That We Need- And More

  1. What a blessed little boy, Peter is. We all know this. How exciting for him to discover what we all know to be true. I am so excited for you all.

    Love, Auntie Linda

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