The Next 2 Weeks

Here’s the schedule for our time in China…

Thurs. Jan.24 – Depart for Beijing at 12:00pm
Fri. Jan.25- Arrive in Beijing at 4:25pm
Sat. Jan.26- Beijing sightseeing
Sun. Jan.27- GOTCHA DAY!!!
flight to Shaanxi (a.m.)
meet Peter Daniel Eby!!! (p.m.)
Mon. Jan.28- Civil Affairs Appointment (Adoption Day)
Tues. Jan.29- Adoption Appointments & Sightseeing
Wed. Jan.30- Adoption Appointments & Sightseeing
Thurs. Jan.31- Adoption Appointments & Sightseeing
Fri. Feb.1- Flight to Guangzhou
Sat. Feb.2- Peter’s US Medical Exam (a.m.)
US Consulate “Paperwork Party” (p.m.)
Sun. Feb.3- Sightseeing and Shopping
Mon. Feb.4- Consulate Appointment (8:30 a.m.)
Consulate Oath-Taking Ceremony
Tues. Feb.5- Pick up Peter’s visa
Depart from Guangzhou (3-4 hr. van ride to Hong Kong)
Wed. Feb.6- Depart from Hong Kong at 12:30p.m.
Arrive in San Francisco as a family of 6 at 8:15a.m. on United Airlines 0862

Please pray for our time in Shaanxi. We would like to visit Peter’s orphanage and find out as much information as possible about Peter’s beginnings while we are in his province. The possible days for us to do that are Tues.-Thurs. (Jan.29-31). Please pray that we will be given permission to visit the orphanage and that we will come away with more of Peter’s story.

We’re heading into the next 2 weeks full of anticipation. We’re so thankful for all God has done, and can’t wait to see what He has in store! Thank you for praying!


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