Gotcha Peter

Hello Everyone. Here we are with Peter. It’s been very emotional and wonderful. We wanted to share some photos. We are all pretty tired so we will talk to later.










7 thoughts on “Gotcha Peter

  1. What beautiful pictures! So thankful! There are no words just deep gratitude for what God has done! Thanks for sharing your special day! Can’t wait to hear all the details of how things are going…been praying for you all day! Can’t wait to be there too!

  2. These pictures brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful family! It’s amazing to see God at work through your family! I’m going to share the pictures with the 3rd graders tomorrow to show them what we’ve been praying for all year. I can’t wait to hear more! Blessings on the remainder of your trip and your first days as a family of 6!

  3. I love EVERYTHING about this last post! SO incredibly happy for you guys. Peter!!! You are so beautiful, and most importantly, you are going to be SO loved. I can not wait for the beautiful life ahead for all of you. I love you guys!!! Cant wait to see more pics
    love love LOVE you guys! =)

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