Visiting the Orphanage

God has answered every prayer for the orphanage visit!!!!!
First, they granted our request even though we were the only ones who wanted to visit. It was a 2 to 3 hour drive to get there and we were granted a 1 hour visit. Once we arrived, they showed us everything we wanted to see. They also let us take pictures and hand out the stuffed animals that various people had made for the children there. We also got to see a little girl named Emma, who a family is going to adopt in a few months and had asked us if we got to go to the orphanage, could we look for her and check on her. Peter fell asleep when we got there and woke up as we were leaving. God took care of everything every step of the way!!!!!!! God is amazing!!!!

Here are some pics
1. The entry way of the orphanage


2. The director of adoptions(the guy) and the orphanage coordinator(the lady)


3. Peter’s room. The girls standing by his crib- the 2nd one


4. Peter’s nanny. She was very nice


5. In-between the room with the kids and the room where the kids spend the day, is this room- a changing wash potty room.


6. This is where Peter spent his days.


7. The nannies and some of the other kids in Peter’s old room


8. Some of the pictures we received of Peter while we waited to adopt him , where taken in this room.


9. The girls handing out some of the stuffed animals.





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