Happy to be Home

We’ve been home for almost two weeks. We’re exhausted, we’ve been back and forth to the dr. for various illnesses, and we are longing for a new sense of “normal” and some sort of a routine. But we all just love our little Peter so. Life with him is wonderful. He’s funny and sweet and we love the new things we learn about him each day. He loves to play with his cars and his train table. And he’s just starting to walk! After many nights with very little sleep, we discovered that Peter likes to suck/chew on a washcloth while he sleeps. I knitted a little security blanket and bunny for him, but he wants nothing to do with them. A friend gave us the softest sweet little monkey for him. But he doesn’t like that either. He only wants the tattered, somewhat rough washcloth that we got from the stewardess on the airplane. Who knew?! But he’s the cutest thing ever with it hanging out of his mouth. My mom and I are already trying to figure out how to create a cute washcloth collection for him. 🙂 He probably won’t appreciate any of our embellishments, but we just have to try! Some of Peter’s favorites are: Daddy, eating, watching Hannah sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with the motions, his bottle, stacking cups, playing on the floor with Mary, making us laugh, and walking lessons with Emmy.









We’re all together now- the six of us.  And we love being home.


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