There was a lot of excitement at our house a week ago last Friday. We had been waiting for “the call” all week. That Monday, AWAA (our adoption agency) had sent out an email letting everyone know that they were expecting new files for children who were ready to be adopted. Any day these files would arrive and they would match families and begin making calls. So every day we wondered if it could be the day- the day we would see Nathan’s face for the first time. We began each day with hope and anticipation and ended the day with a bit of disappointment. Whenever the phone rang, we thought maybe- maybe it would be “the call”.

Well, all week there was no call. So we hung our hopes high on Friday. Friday could surely be the day. It was full of possibility. AWAA is located in Virginia, so every time the phone rang we were looking for their (703) area code. Friday was the last day of the girls’ Spring break- so it really was the perfect day for the much anticipated call. We were all on the look-out for the infamous (703). And around 10:00 that morning it happened.

I was dust-busting, so I didn’t hear it. What I did hear was a whole lot of yelling and commotion. I turned the dust buster off, wondering what kind of craziness was going on this time. The girls were screaming and yelling (703)! (703)! And they all ran to me with my phone. It was SO exciting! I will always remember the moment. 🙂

Steve was in Sacramento at a meeting, so our family coordinator connected us on a conference call. It was hard to hear with all the girls and Peter jumping up and down and running all over, but she told us about our little guy and we accepted his file. She emailed his information, pictures and all, and we had to wait to open it. Steve and I had decided that we wouldn’t look until we were together, and Steve wasn’t home. Ahhh! An hour never seemed longer.

Finally he arrived home and we opened the long-awaited file. He was perfect! A friendly looking fellow with quite the head of hair! We immediately sent his information off to be reviewed by the doctors. In no time at all, we heard back that everything looked great. We called our family coordinator and told her that he was the one. Nathan was finally born in our hearts. And boy do we love him!



4 thoughts on “(703)!!!

  1. I can’t wait until you all (and we) get to meet him in person! I’m certain beyond a doubt that he feels your love for him in Christ already!

  2. I couldn’t be any more excited for you…I love Nathan already and am praying for him. Love his adorable chubby cheeks and that hair…oh my! 🙂 Love you much Eby’s!

  3. Congratulations, Sarah! Yesterday I thought to myself “surely the Eby’s must have received their referral by now”. So, today I pulled up your blog and viola! I was right! It brought tears to my eyes 🙂 Rejoicing with you!

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