Gotcha Day with Nathan

We got Nathan yesterday and he cried and cried because he loved his foster mom so much. We got to meet her and she loves him too. he’s very sad and scared and he only likes Steve. Please pray he feel safe with all of us soon. He’s so sweet but a firecracker too. He’s going to fit with us just fine 🙂 he’s an EBY for sure!










2 thoughts on “Gotcha Day with Nathan

  1. Poor little muffin. This part is SO hard. It is really wonderful that foster mom was there for the “hand-off”, though. I think the research has shown that this helps their little minds process it better. Helps them internalize that it was “ok” and they weren’t “stolen”. He will treasure those pictures someday as well.

  2. He is so beautiful and does seem very snuggly with Steve. But he seems OK with you too, Sarah. His closeness with the foster mom is a great blessing! Thank you Lord!

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