Dossier on its Way!

Our I-800A approval arrived in the mail the Monday before Thanksgiving, well ahead of schedule!  We were in Oregon for the week, so we got it notarized, certified and authenticated when we got back.  It took Steve 1 trip to Sacramento and 2 trips to San Francisco to get the job done, but now it is done.  Our dossier is finally complete and it arrived safely at our agency in Virginia on Tuesday.  Tomorrow it will be off to China!  We couldn’t be happier to have it out of our hands and on the move.  God is so good.  And as of tomorrow, we could be matched with our little one any time.  It could take three months or more, or it could happen tomorrow.  It’s in God’s hands.  But it feels good knowing that each day could be the day we will finally see our little  one’s face.

***I wrote this post last Thursday but didn’t publish it.  The picture of Steve was upside down and I didn’t know how to flip it right side up. My sister fixed it for me and now here it is.  But since  Thursday, our dossier arrived in China and has already been logged into their system.  Getting logged in usually takes 1-4 weeks, but this time it only took 1 day! 


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