Musings by Mary Eby- Referral

We have been waiting for the referral for a while – since two weeks before Christmas. The referral is when you get a file with a baby’s picture and you can say yes or no. You have doctors look at the medical file and the pictures and then you give an answer.  Any day now our adoption agency will give us a phone call and tell us we have a referral.  And they will send us the file of the baby in an email. 

It’s not very fun to wait.  I jump every time the phone rings. I can’t wait to see the face of our sweet Baby Eby. It is hard to wait, but I know that it’s all in God’s hands. Sometimes I get tired of waiting. And other times I feel like I want to control everything and I don’t want to wait. But I know that God will give us patience. It’s fun to wonder what Elijah or Bethany might be doing.  Those are the names we have picked out, depending on if it’s a boy or a girl.  

We are also waiting for a van right now. We want to get a passenger van with 15 seats.  This would mean we could take out the back seat for storage and drive my grandma and grandpa places with us too.  We’ve been looking for a van but have not found one that fits our needs. I have been praying that God will give us a van for free soon. I know that that seems crazy, but I believe that God can do it (most of the time). 

Even though it can be hard to wait, and even though it’s hard to trust God at times, I look forward to the day we will get the referral.  I hope that baby Elijah or Bethany is having fun right now in China. But I also hope that we all get to go get him very soon. Sometimes I feel like I miss Baby Eby, but that could be strange because I’ve never met him. The waiting definitely gets to me at times. But I can thank God for the hope of getting the referral the next day. I sure do hope we get the referral soon though. I want to see Baby Eby’s sweet face soon.  Even the boys are getting anxious. It’s very hard to be patient, but it is all in God’s hands.

I sure am looking forward to having another little brother or sister. I love hanging out with the boys, even when they hit or are in a bad mood. They are so sweet. And I sure am looking forward to having another one.  

I love China and I’m definitely looking forward to going again. It’s such an adventure, especially with my little brothers. But the best part is getting a little baby. But it definitely is really fun we finally get to go home. It’s also fun to show the new baby our house. I can’t wait to meet Baby Eby. 


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