Musings by Mary- In the Meantime

Since we have been waiting so long for the adoption, our friends, the Spenkers, invited us to their farm.  They thought we might like a distraction.  Some baby goats had been born, and they let us hold them.  There were also tractors working to help them build more space to keep their goats. The boys loved watching them work.  The Spenkers are going to open a creamery soon.  So that is why the tractors were there. They’re building the new place to milk and make  cheese and such. It was a very fun visit.  Here are some pictures:

Peter was also trying to catch a lizard. He thought it was great fun. But he didn’t catch anything. Here are some pictures of him on his fun lizard hunt.

Nathan was very intent on watching the tractors.  He didn’t want to miss a thing.

We had lots of fun at the Spenkers’ farm. It helped distract us from the long wait.


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