Musings by Mary- Easter

This Easter was fun, but not as fun as it could have been because we don’t have Baby Eby yet.  We still don’t even have a picture of who this little one will be.  But I can tell you that we did have fun on Easter.  We went to the sunrise service at our church, Galt Bible.  It was at 7:30.  After, there was a breakfast and then the normal Sunday service.  We stayed for all of it.  It was really fun.  And we even had time to play on the church playground in between breakfast and the normal service.  Then we went home and did some cooking for dinner.  Next, we went to Fairmont Convalescent Hospital, like we do every other Sunday.  I prepared a chapel, and  my sisters and I presented it.  We really enjoy doing that.  We went home and finished making dinner and ate after that.  My Grandpa bought a prime rib, I made potatoes, Hannah made hot cross buns, Emmy made jello, Mom made strawberry pie and prepared the asparagus.  It was a really yummy feast.  Here are some pictures:


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