Musings by Mary- Garage Sale

Last Saturday, we had a garage sale at our old house.  All of the money went towards bringing Baby Eby home.  We had some friends who donated things for us to sell.  The boys loved playing with all of the toys that we had set out for sale.  My sisters and I made lots of homemade treats.  Hannah baked muffins and prepared coffee for the morning hours, Emmy made cupcakes, and I made three different kinds of cookies.  We earned a good amount of money selling our baked goods.  We have had many garage sales over the years, and my sisters and I have never made that much on our baked items.  Hannah and Emmy drove over to the old house with Dad at about 6:30am.  Mom, the boys, and I went over later, at about 7:45am.  We stopped getting steady customers at about 1:30ish.  My mom had taken the boys home by then for their naps, so my sister, Dad, and I closed everything up.  Here are some pictures of all the fun we had:

The boys had fun eating the donuts that dad bought us for breakfast. It was a great day. We had lots of fun!!! 


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