Musings by Mary- Elijah John Day

We still do not know if we are getting a little boy or a little girl, but we are pretty sure it will be a boy.  And if it is a boy, we will name him Elijah.  No, we still do not have a referral, pictures, or info for who the next member of our family is.  But since we’ve been waiting for so long (over seven months) we decided to make a tradition that we call Elijah John Day.  We started this long wait for the referral on Dec. 12.  So on the 12th of every month, we go out to ice cream.  We have done this three times so far.  We thought of this tradition once we had been waiting for four months and we’ve done it for our 5th, 6th, and 7th months of waiting. We thought of this because of an adoption video we watched.  The family in the video went to ice cream 18 times because they waited 18 months!  I can’t imagine waiting that long.  But they were adopting from Ethiopia and it takes much longer to get a referral from there.


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