We Love You to China and Back

Sunday was a beautiful day.  We had our Orphan Awareness and Adoption Fundraiser, and God blessed it as only He can do.  Two days before the event, our friend who was planning on doing most of the baking for the bake sale ended up with four kids down with the stomach flu.  The girls and I kicked it into high gear and started baking. The stress level jumped up a notch, and just then we got an email.  Unaware of the situation, a woman from church was wondering if we needed her to do some baking. That’s how God works.  He provides just what we need, right when we need it.  And it turned out, the woman who offered her baking services is an amazing, trained baker.  Some people came just to buy her pies!  

The day before, we had many wonderful friends work together to set up and decorate tables for the event.  We had beautiful centerpieces for each table, amazing craft items, and fabulous baked goods for selling, all made by friends and family.  God brought many people and we were able to share all that He had put on our hearts.  We pray now that God will move people to act on behalf of the little ones around the globe.


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