China Here We Come

We are leaving for China at 1:00am tonight on Wednesday. We are SUPER excited. Please pray for us during our trip.


Visiting the Orphanage

God has answered every prayer for the orphanage visit!!!!!
First, they granted our request even though we were the only ones who wanted to visit. It was a 2 to 3 hour drive to get there and we were granted a 1 hour visit. Once we arrived, they showed us everything we wanted to see. They also let us take pictures and hand out the stuffed animals that various people had made for the children there. We also got to see a little girl named Emma, who a family is going to adopt in a few months and had asked us if we got to go to the orphanage, could we look for her and check on her. Peter fell asleep when we got there and woke up as we were leaving. God took care of everything every step of the way!!!!!!! God is amazing!!!!

Here are some pics
1. The entry way of the orphanage


2. The director of adoptions(the guy) and the orphanage coordinator(the lady)


3. Peter’s room. The girls standing by his crib- the 2nd one


4. Peter’s nanny. She was very nice


5. In-between the room with the kids and the room where the kids spend the day, is this room- a changing wash potty room.


6. This is where Peter spent his days.


7. The nannies and some of the other kids in Peter’s old room


8. Some of the pictures we received of Peter while we waited to adopt him , where taken in this room.


9. The girls handing out some of the stuffed animals.





We are going non-stop here in China. Our tour of Beijing included Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Jade Factory, Olympic Village,Peking Duck Dinner. We are meeting a lot of new friends. Here are some pictures.







Soon to be Eby 6

Hello there. We are in the airport to fly to Xian to meet Peter! Today is the day! In about 7hours (but who’s counting) we will be a family of 6. Here are some photos from the last 2 days here in China.
Our next post we will have Peter 🙂








The Next 2 Weeks

Here’s the schedule for our time in China…

Thurs. Jan.24 – Depart for Beijing at 12:00pm
Fri. Jan.25- Arrive in Beijing at 4:25pm
Sat. Jan.26- Beijing sightseeing
Sun. Jan.27- GOTCHA DAY!!!
flight to Shaanxi (a.m.)
meet Peter Daniel Eby!!! (p.m.)
Mon. Jan.28- Civil Affairs Appointment (Adoption Day)
Tues. Jan.29- Adoption Appointments & Sightseeing
Wed. Jan.30- Adoption Appointments & Sightseeing
Thurs. Jan.31- Adoption Appointments & Sightseeing
Fri. Feb.1- Flight to Guangzhou
Sat. Feb.2- Peter’s US Medical Exam (a.m.)
US Consulate “Paperwork Party” (p.m.)
Sun. Feb.3- Sightseeing and Shopping
Mon. Feb.4- Consulate Appointment (8:30 a.m.)
Consulate Oath-Taking Ceremony
Tues. Feb.5- Pick up Peter’s visa
Depart from Guangzhou (3-4 hr. van ride to Hong Kong)
Wed. Feb.6- Depart from Hong Kong at 12:30p.m.
Arrive in San Francisco as a family of 6 at 8:15a.m. on United Airlines 0862

Please pray for our time in Shaanxi. We would like to visit Peter’s orphanage and find out as much information as possible about Peter’s beginnings while we are in his province. The possible days for us to do that are Tues.-Thurs. (Jan.29-31). Please pray that we will be given permission to visit the orphanage and that we will come away with more of Peter’s story.

We’re heading into the next 2 weeks full of anticipation. We’re so thankful for all God has done, and can’t wait to see what He has in store! Thank you for praying!

We’re Off!

A few of us have been wearing these bracelets since we began this journey to Peter (even in the shower :)), and we will wear them until Sunday when we hold him for the first time.


I finally finished the little blanket I have been knitting for the past many months. I will give it to Peter when I meet him on Sunday.




We have 50 little animal friends to take to the children at Peter’s orphanage! Thank you so much to all those who made them! We are so thankful for your help with this project. They’re all packed and ready to go!


We’re off to San Francisco for the night, and then off to Beijing tomorrow!
We’re coming, Peter, and we’re coming now!!!!