10 Months

Elijah John Day- 10 months

“Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.”   Isaiah 64:4

God is working in Little Eby’s life right now and He is working in us, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store.  It is good- of that we are sure!


The Moon Festival

Last week we knew there would be no phone call.  It was the week of the Chinese Moon Festival.  This is the second biggest holiday in China. It is also called the Mid-Autumn Festival and is a time of thanksgiving and family unity and mooncakes.  Offices close for the week, so there were no new files being released.  So with our anticipation at a standstill for the week, we enjoyed a peaceful Moon Festival dinner prepared by Hannah.  We look forward to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival next year with our sweet little one.  And now this week, the wait commences!  

Poem for Little One

Another day gone by and with it all hopes of getting the call.
We have been waiting for so long, and now it is almost Fall.
Halfway across the world, you sleep in an orphanage for the night.
We cannot wait to come and see you. Oh, what a sight!
All eight of us together at last.
No need to think back on the past.
For it isn’t the same without you here.
We need you here to bring us some cheer.
A family of seven is much too small.
We need your picture to hang in our hall.
Each day as I pray for you,
I wonder if you dream of us too.
A sight to see, we sure are.
We stand out from a far.
Pulling up in our big white bus,
We try not to make a fuss.
We got it so that you would fit,
For you will need a place to sit.
You are about to join our crazy fam.
Happy to be in it, I sure am.
For here you will always have a friend,
And this will never end.

Wo ai ni!


by Emily

Nine Months

Dear Little One,

It’s almost eight o’clock tomorrow morning for you, and I’m thinking about you.  What are you going to do today?  I wonder if you will learn to do something new.  Did you sleep well last night?  Each day you fill my thoughts.  For nine months now I have been waiting to see your sweet face.  Every day when I wake up I wonder if today will be the day.  Could it possibly be?  At first the waiting was okay.  I didn’t think it would be too long.  Then time wore on.  Day after day passed.  And it was hard.  I really struggled with it for a while.  After hearing that it could be six to nine months before we got the call, I gave the wait to God and made my peace with it.  His timing is always perfect, Little One.  I know this.  But all of a sudden my heart is hurting again.  We are finally near the front of the line to be matched, and I am struggling.  It can’t happen soon enough.  I miss you all the time.  I long to know you.  Once you are finally home, it will seem like you’ve been with us forever.  All the waiting will be behind us and we will know that God planned it perfectly all along.  I already know this.  But my heart hurts nonetheless.  We went to ice cream this afternoon to mark nine months of waiting to see who you are.  I can’t wait to give you your first taste of ice cream.  I know you’ll love it, because you’re an Eby through and through.  I love you more than you can ever know.  Until we meet, I hold you in my heart, Little One.  And I know that our Heavenly Father is loving you and holding today, as He always will.

Love,  Mommy





There’s a tradition in the China adoption community that if you see a ladybug, your referral will come soon.  Well, we’ve gotten a little ladybug crazy around here.  We seem to see them everywhere.

In our box of grapes from Costco.
Spotting ladybugs doesn’t really mean a thing, but it livens up our long days of waiting.

The Way God Works

Last summer when we decided to add another to our family, we realized that we would have to get a new vehicle.  Our minivan fits seven and we were going to become a family of eight.  This meant we would have to get either a suburban or a big van.  The suburban was more appealing to me at first, as it was the most “normal” option.  I was not wanting to be the driver of a big van.  How embarrassing that would be.  The girls were not too keen on the idea either.  But a suburban will fit nine at the most, and this is actually not enough.  We want to be able to have my parents ride with us, and that will take us up to ten.  Big vans pretty much have no cargo space.  So when going on a trip, the back seat will have to come out to create room for luggage and such.  The back seat typically holds four people.  So if we were to get a 12 passenger van (which seemed crazy big), there would only be room for eight people on a trip and we need to be able to take ten.  This meant we would have to be on the lookout for a 15 passenger van.  RIDICULOUS.  

Regardless of what kind of large vehicle we would get, we knew it would be expensive.  So we decided to start praying.  Each day at breakfast, we prayed as a family for God to provide us with the perfect van.  Peter got especially into praying for the van and felt perturbed when other people (who didn’t even know about it) didn’t pray for it too.  We have been praying like this for over a year, asking God to do something that only He can do, to show us His hand in the process, and to just put it in our laps when it was the right one.  

During the year, Steve kept his eye out.  He researched vans and we went to look at some.  Who knows why, but these vans seem to be pretty popular.  There aren’t tons of them sitting around, and whenever they popped up, they went fast.  Mostly they were out of the area and often they were sold before we could even get a look.  So it seemed we were going to have to pay more than we were hoping, unless God did a miracle.  And on top of that, it was going to be hard to even get to one before it sold.  

So the past year has been one of waiting.  We are, of course, waiting to see our little one’s face, but we have also been waiting for God to bring us a van.

Last Saturday marked eight months of waiting for a referral.  It is discouraging to just wait and wait.   It feels like it will never happen.  But we went out for root beer floats to celebrate Elijah John Day.  This ice cream tradition is a good way to remind us that we are going to see our little one’s face in God’s perfect timing.  And of course it is always a good thing to go out for ice cream.

As we drove home, thinking about making pizza for dinner, we caught a glimpse of a sign on a big van parked in front of a church.  We turned around and went back to take a look.  Sure enough, it was a 15 passenger van for sale- the Emanuel Lutheran Church van.  The asking price was around half of what we were expecting to pay, and it was fairly old but had amazingly low mileage.  It looked to be in near perfect condition.  We called the number on the sign.  The pastor answered and said he could meet us there in about five minutes.  We took the van for a ride and prayed as a family while we drove, asking God if this was the answer we had been waiting for and knowing all the while that it was.  The pastor dropped the price even more, prayed with us, and we left feeling amazed and thankful for the miracle God did for us.  

By the way, over the coarse of the year, God did some changing of hearts.  As we prayed and time passed, the girls and I came to realize what a blessing a big van would be.  So rather than feeling embarrassed, every last one of us was ridiculously excited about the massive 15 passenger van God dropped in our laps.  Now the challenge is just learning how to back up in it.

Musings by Mary- Preparing for Elijah

Back in May we started to prepare for Elijah by fixing up the boys’ room. We painted the room and bunked the beds.  While Mom and Dad and Hannah painted, I took the boys outside. Our neighbors had a wedding for their daughter in their backyard, so we couldn’t stay outside for too long.  It was a little chaotic having the boys inside when they couldn’t go in their room.  They slept in Hannah’s room that night because their room smelled like paint.  They woke her up.  We also set up Elijah’s crib.  It makes us happy to see it in there.  The boys like to put stuffed animals in there for Elijah. 

We Love You to China and Back

Sunday was a beautiful day.  We had our Orphan Awareness and Adoption Fundraiser, and God blessed it as only He can do.  Two days before the event, our friend who was planning on doing most of the baking for the bake sale ended up with four kids down with the stomach flu.  The girls and I kicked it into high gear and started baking. The stress level jumped up a notch, and just then we got an email.  Unaware of the situation, a woman from church was wondering if we needed her to do some baking. That’s how God works.  He provides just what we need, right when we need it.  And it turned out, the woman who offered her baking services is an amazing, trained baker.  Some people came just to buy her pies!  

The day before, we had many wonderful friends work together to set up and decorate tables for the event.  We had beautiful centerpieces for each table, amazing craft items, and fabulous baked goods for selling, all made by friends and family.  God brought many people and we were able to share all that He had put on our hearts.  We pray now that God will move people to act on behalf of the little ones around the globe.

Orphan Awareness and Adopion Fundraiser

This Sunday we will have an  opportunity to share what we have learned about orphans and adoption.  We are going to serve lunch at 12:00 at Galt Bible Church in the gym.  We will show some videos, look at some statistics, read Scripture, and discuss our response as the church.  There will be lunch and an opportunity to donate, as well as a bake sale and craft sale. Donate or not, we’re hoping people will come to learn about something that is near to God’s heart.